The Golden Pixel Cooperative

Nathalie Koger / Simona Obholzer / Katharina Swoboda

The Golden Pixel Cooperative


What is the impact of digitalization on landscapes and how do these changes become visible? What are the material conditions for the images that pop up on our screens? The Golden Pixel Cooperative will install a mobile cinema in the surroundings of the abandoned railway station in Lueg, St. Gilgen. The visitors’ smartphones become an integral part of this installation, providing the screens on which the films are presented. The project consists of five video works that were realized especially for the Supergau Festival. The videos explore the ecological dimension of data transmission and storage from human and more-than-human perspectives.

Simona Obholzer’s digitally generated video focuses on the emotional content and supposed authenticity of images depicting nature. The landscapes that exist inside a smartphone, the wires between the parts and the raw materials from which these devices were assembled, are at the centre of Katharina Swoboda’s work. Nathalie Koger deals with the habitats of animals, landscapes that often receive too little attention. Together with a group of children, she creates a new version of Erich Kästner’s “The Animals’ Conference”. Albino animals, acting as representatives of all animals, criticize the intrusion of the human species into their habitat, threatening their existence.

Katharina Swobodas: Stones, Single-channel video installation, 4K, colour, sound, 5 min, 2021

Nathalie Koger: The Animals’ Conference, revisited. Opening 1 + 2 Video installation, 4K, colour, live sound, ca. 14 min, 2021

Simona Obholzer: Perfect Particles (x kWh), 2-channel video installation, portrait format, 4K, colour, no sound, 6 min, 2021




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