Anita Fuchs


Night butterfly light trapping with the lepidopterologist and climate protection officer

of the Province of Upper Austria Dipl. Ing. Andreas Drack


The depot of the St. Florian Monastery houses a collection of insects (over 7000 species) of the entomologist and former patron Matthias Rupertsberger (1843-1831), which at that time were still referred to as 'Harmful Animals'. As part of the art project Flora Pondtemporary, which is also dedicated to questions of ecology, nature and the environment, Andreas Drack and Anita Fuchs will carry out an up-to-date inventory, mapping and identification of moths/ night butterflies, which as important bioindicators show the composition of a habitat and represent the majority of all species of butterfly. A list of the species remains on site as documentation and artistic result.

In the past, science was often based only on the dissection and categorisation of nature. Nachtfalterskultpur reminds us that in the current ecological situation the insects are threatened by extinction. Humans needs not only a scientific approach based on categorisation, but also understanding and compassion for the nature to which we belong.

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