Daniela Krajčová


ceramics, children's clothing, acrylic paint

4 x 2m



"War with the Newts" is the title of a book by the famous Czech writer Karel Čapek, who warned the world of the coming fascism (1936). The newts learn from people to handle weapons, gradually acquire human qualities, become more and more aggressive and begin to threaten human civilization. The book warns against the abuse of uncontrolled forces. Daniela Krajčovás work Krieg ohne Molche (War without Newts) rehabilitates the newts. She does not attribute human characteristics to the newts, but expresses the man’s dependence on nature. People do not need humanized newts for their own threat, they are already posing their own threats. At the same time are humans also threatening the surrounding nature full of sensitive organisms such as newts, which are currently protected. Every human generation has a challenge: while fascism had to be fought in the first half of the 20th century, today's society is must stop the climate change and pollution of the environment.

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