flora pondtemporary 2019

"Flora Pondtemporary" 2019

Opening: 26th of July 2019, 5pm

Exhibition: Aug. - Sept. 2019


Catrin Bolt

Anita Fuchs

Markus Hiesleitner

Daniela Krajčová

Nicole Krenn

David Leitner

Klara Paterok

Patricia J. Reis

Franz Tišek

Lukas Walcher


Curator: Lenka Kukurová

During the summer months of 2019 the Kulturdrogerie, an artist-run-space in the 18th

district of Vienna, relocates the idea of the living "social sculpture" to St. Florian in the


The project Flora Pondtemporary at the St. Florianer Stiftsteiche allows to temporarily

compensate the contrasts of city and country, space and density, tradition and trend.

The publicly accessible site of the St. Florianer Stiftsteiche in the town centre of St.

Florian offers area and space for the Flora Pondtemporary project. The two hectare

fishpond area of the St. Florianer Stiftsteiche enable working in nature and with nature: it

is an experimental space and open-air studio for the curator and the artists.

In addition to the new site-specific works created at the fishponds, works created at the

Kulturdrogerie in Vienna will also be presented at Flora Pondtemporary.

The project is open to the public from the beginning and welcomes visitors at any time in

order to ensure a lively exchange between the artists and the interested public. The

works, which will be realized during the project, will be permanently exhibited on the site,

they will form a site-specific art collection in St. Florian, which is intended to stimulate a


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