Patricia J. Reis & Lukas Walcher


mixed media, microcontroller, motion sensor, textiles, wood

4 x 3 x 3m


The living sculpture on the shore of the pond is a relaxation zone open to imagination and contemplation. The audience is invited to lie down on the bed in the pavilion and look out through the roof opening out of our reality. Water reflections on the ceiling of the sculpture and strange amorphous formations in the pavilion complete the dream atmosphere. A flagpole and a flag are visible through the roof opening. The movements of the flag depend on the wind and are transmitted via an electronic mechanism to the cushion on which the viewer lies. The flag is golden, it does not belong to any state and does not mark any territory. It is a vision of a world without nationalities. The pavilion on the shore of a pond in St. Florian is as well an ironic response to the costly pavilions of the Venice Biennale. In this "Pavilion of Planet Earth" art, visions and dreams are available to everyone for free.

An object resembling an unknown continent is installed at the bar, it is ready to be conquered by people who can mark their area with a small flag. However, all flags are flags of the Earth, which challenges the principle of capture and hegemony. The work takes us into a utopian future in which humanity sees itself as part of nature.

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